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The webmaster here is Ayotokunbo Ajewole, an engineer, computer/internet enthusiast and blogger. http://www.nairabytes.net is where Nigeria and Internet Technology meet, sit down and have a healthy discussion - especially on how we can move forward. Here, the talk is about how different facets of internet / computer technology, software/hardware and telecommunications interact together(hopefully) and how it affects us(Nigeria) and Africa, big picture. 

We started blogging at http://nairabytes.wordpress.com/, and we are presently hosted by HostKobo Inc. a recent startup in the Nigerian internet-sphere community. Just in case you are looking for a free blogging platform - for starters, please create an account with wordpress.com, else come aboard for an affordable and reliable hosting solution. 

Our weblog present a variety of materials: articles, opinions, tutorials, reviews, etc., in an objective manner as much as possible. Please feel free to participate by leaving comments, offering suggestions / your own opinions.

Should you wish you drop us a message (your ideas, opinions, general/specific information, enquiries please use the contact form.

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