Scenario: I have a couple of hard disks, a couple of partitions and I want some default debian folders to redirect elsewhere.

Application: I can redirect my Linux-desktop to another partition, thus if I boot into my Windows OS, my linux "desktop" is still available for use.

for example, for my username: tokunbo, we are looking for files locate filename: user-dirs.dirs located in the ~/ .config directory

tokunbo@debian:~$ cd ~/
tokunbo@debian:~$ pwd
tokunbo@debian:~$ cd .config
tokunbo@debian:~/.config$ ls
locate filename: user-dirs.dirs

for example, I want to redirect my Desktop to another partition, change 'old line' to 'new line':

old line: XDG_DESKTOP_DIR="$HOME/Desktop"
new line: XDG_DESKTOP_DIR="/media/StorageT/linux/desktop"


to set via command line:
command: xdg-user-dirs-update --set DESKTOP /media/StorageT/linux/desktop

the above can be done for as many folders as you wish.

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