The following tutorial details how to move Mozilla Firefox's installation folder from its default installation location to another partition on your hard-disk. Reason's that warrant its relocation, (in my case) are:

1) to make it accessible from Windows.
2) I have observed that my bookmarks / favorites keep disappearing forContinue Reading:

This tutorial teaches how to change the default settings of OpenOffice's Text, Spreadsheet and Presentation documents to Microsoft's Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats.

a) How to save OpenOffice Text Document as a Microsoft Word(.doc) by default:

Click the Text Document icon to open a new blank document,
- click Tools menu, thenContinue Reading:

The following tutorial details how to install and configure ScribeFire for updating and editing your Joomla powered website.

ScribeFire is a web browser extension that, as of this writing can run on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. Check out to install ScribeFire on your browser. You might need toContinue Reading: