yEd is a product of yWorks, a diagramming component software manufacturer. I had been looking for a good alternative for Microsoft Visio to use on my Debian box.

Enter yEd. I must commend the yWorks team. The tool is extra easy to install and it just works out of theContinue Reading:

ubuntu-vbox rtr3init-error

I recently installed Virtualbox 5.1 on my new Ubuntu 16.04 server. I downloaded the .deb file from virtualbox website and installed via commandlineL: dpkg -i virtualbox-5.1_5.1.26-117224~Ubuntu~xenial_i386.deb

Everything went well until launching virtualbox and trying to install WinXP guest OS threw the error above.

Googling around, here is how it wasContinue Reading:


I want to connect to my Ubuntu server which I just added a Desktop to. This is the server. I want to access this server from a Windows-7 desktop and a Debian desktop. In this tutorial, I'll install XRDP on the server for remote desktop purposes.

Ubuntu Desktop 16.04 hasContinue Reading: