I dislike it, when Nigerians try to be smart and smart in an offensive way. No courtesy, no excuse me, no please.

I got a bogus email from one Solomon with email-d This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..... asking me to claim the domain ayotokunbo.commissions.ng which they have created for me, blah blah blah.

actual email content:

Let's talk about making money and not recession
I want to introduce you to commissions.ng, the first platform in Nigeria that gives you a personalized eCommerce website that comes with a 1000+ products you can make money from.

To show we are serious, we've already created a site in your name Ayotokunbo.commissions.ng and all you need to do is activate it.

The best part is that if you claim your site today, we will pay you N7,000 for each friend you invite and when your friends make sales, you also earn a commission from their sales.

I have never visited commissions.ng or subscribed to their site, so the first question is how did they get my email-d? more so, sending me a very name-specific email shows that these follks are of a creepy kind.

I know there are many spammers and scammers out there, but didnt expect this .ng domain to demo itself as one of such.

email screenshots: click on below screenshots to enlarge. Note, I whited-out my email-ID

commissions-1 commissions-2

Dear Mr. Solomon / Commissions.ng

Nice idea huh, but you guys went about it the wrong way.

1) Yes, I know that I'm not the only Ayotokunbo in the whole world, but how many "ayotokunbo"s will recieve the email you sent to me? male and femaile? so you expect that at least one out of the many millions will claim the sub-domain? nice calculation guys? yes? no? cmon.

Let me assume that you hashed through social media to get and even purchase valid email-ids, at least you put in some illegal effort. Kudos.

Then I assume there was some analysis of emails to see who the owner is, who is legit and who is a phoney. Why? because my email-ID you sent the email to doesn't have the subdomain name... which you said you created, but at least you got my name correctly, meaning at least you did some research to match email-ids to real people, then you applied the relevant subdomain name. Cool.

After all these effort you put it, it would have been better, more polite and more professional if you sent me(and I many others) an invitation to your website, telling me/them of its features, for example, that I/we could create a store free of charge with our names....... and earn commissions.... blah, blah blah.

No, you didnt do any of the above.

Presently, your email looks, breathes, stinks and smells scam, scam, scam, 419, yahoo yahoo, etc., you know the drill.

And adding up that its Nigerian, ah, nada, no, not again.... another Nigerian reputation damaging agency online.

2) It looks like the subdomains are created on the fly, so even when I directly search for other people's names, curse words and other stupids, they all exist on your platform.











You guys should have thought this through - at least not to invite trouble on yourselves.

Why? coz I believe you would have gone through your purchased email-id listing and filtered out an address that starts with virus, scam, etc., but unfortunately, it is possible to create shops with those domains on your platform, I verified it.

3) Lastly, its not by force to create an e-commerce store.

Think about it like this: there are a whole lot of similar ideas online, ideas that suggest what one wants, but doesn't stuff it in your face. You should have heard of Automatic Inc, the guys behind Wordpress; and Google, the guys behind blogger.

What if they advertized themselves just like you have done for yourself? What if they acquired email addresses of real people illegally, and sent them customized emails, asking them to claim a subdomain on their site and start writing blogposts for the purpose of making money / having a personal web presence.

See, that an idea looks good to you and even someone else beside you doesn't really mean it is a good idea. You and your pals might just be thinking in the same way. It is better to run the idea around so many people, look at the pros and cons. Now even if your had a nice idea to start with, its all marred with a false start.

And considering that your service isn't even free; not that I would be interested if it was, but its like you are putting the cart before the horse and the driver at the back of the horse, yet you expect to move forward.


Please stop sending out these customized emails. They are suspicious, they dont make your intentions look good, if they were even good in the first place.

Peace out!!

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