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I tell people with a wide smile that I love everything about the internet, the technology in-between, and that I can sit down in front of my computer the whole day - if possible, and not get tired.

I sometimes get enquiries on how to best learn webdesign and webhosting, how can I become a webmaster? how can I setup a test website for myself? these are the usual questions.

Some people are looking for a "sit down and teach me" - classroom and teacher approach. Others are looking for someone to provide them the 1,2,3 list of "how to do everything" - while they unconsiously conclude that just 1-road leads to Rome.

They forget that things are changing every second and technology is a never stopping train.

I have always found out that such a "let me learn everything first" before practicing "the first thing I was taught" - approach is not the best, especially for someone that wants to learn - seriously speaking.

Why not get your hands down and dirty? Invest a little more time, put some steam and energy into learning the ropes. Yes, you will make mistakes; yes, you will get stuck; yes things won't work, but there is always some piece of information, a solution for what you are stuck with on

The following is a list of free webhosting services you can use to set up test sites, see how things are going, learn the ropes, make mistakes at no cost to you and resolve your own issues by yourself.

I am not a marketter of any of the below companies/websites; neither do I give any guarantee that their services will meet your reliability expectations. It is also possible that by the time you are reading this, some of these free services might have closed down.

These are a random list of free services, some of which I have used before. Visit any of the sites below,

- 300Gb of disk space and unlimited bandwidth
1000MB disk space, 50Gb bandwidth, 5-addondomains etc
- the domain itself spells freehosting. Everything is free.
- getonlinehost boasts of unlimited everything
- perhaps the most popular free host out there, its all zero cost
- 10Gb disk space and 100Gb bandwidth, absolutely free web hosting
- Free hosting 100-percent forever. You'll get 2000MB disk space, 100GB BW plus 2-free emails
- unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth forever
- its a free hosting service provided by Tim(alias Profound) who lives in South Astrialia. Free hosting is provided in a volunteer/not-for-profit capacity.
- 1000MB disk space, and unlimited disk space,
- they have a free plan with Cpanel access, best of hosting low-traffic sites
- their Free Hosting package comes with unlimited everything
- 10Gb of disk space, SQL Dbs, sub-domains and add-on domains; and unlimited bandwidth
- unlimited hosting space and bandwidth
- unlimited everything
- zero dollars for life, unlimited everything, no payment needed
- unlimited everything

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